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What You Need To Know For When This Storm Passes

Fire season may seem like a far cry to California residents right now. As we are entering another phase of this insane rainy season (it’s called a Bomb Cyclone..) we don’t exactly imagine how this could affect us when we move into the drier seasons and the rain is a distant memory. Well, unfortunately as […]

How To Protect Your Home From Rainwater Damage

Let’s be honest, in Southern California, no one thought that excessive rain would ever be a problem let alone our homes getting water and/or flood damage because of it. That kind of weather just doesn’t happen here. Fire season – yes, rainy season – no. Now here we are in the midst of another incoming […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Fire Restoration and Smoke Damage

The annual foreboding of “fire season” is all too familiar to California residents. The term itself can elicit a sinking feeling in us all and can easily create an immediate reaction when we hear the words “Santa Ana winds”. And while this is a real occurrence, it has in years passed been played down by […]

Ultimate Guide to Main Hazards Produced by Fire Damage

A fire can happen anywhere at any time. Constant attention to seemingly innocent causes is what makes the difference between a fire happening and not even though the potential causes are ever present.  It’s no secret that fires cause significant damage to a structure that can have residual effects to the property and the people […]

Everything You Need to Know About Water Damage Restoration and Its Timing

Timing is everything with water damage restoration As a homeowner there are many images or scenarios that create an absolute dream setting. The portrait of the perfect summer day with family and friends around the pool, the idyllic holiday gathering bursting with laughter and levity, or even a simple Wednesday night family dinner all around […]

Water Damage: Everything You Need to Know About First Steps

Water damage in your home can be an absolute nightmare. It is oftentimes found after the fact and the damage can be catastrophic. The signs may come hours, days or weeks after a leak has occurred and the resulting issues can impound substantially. As a homeowner at the very first signs of water damage, action […]

How to Avoid Disaster During the Holidays: Indoor

Preparation tips for seasonal success The holidays are a very busy time of year. Festivities and entertainment seem to take the lead, many of which occur in our own homes. Regardless of family size, home capacity or seasonal obligations this time of year brings a substantial increase for most people in duties and obligations, commitments […]

How to Maintain Fire Safety During the Holidays : Part II

Holiday Fire Safety Tips Part 2 The holiday season is a very fun, very festive time of year. A season filled with many gatherings and celebrations, dinners and parties and a whole host of indoor and outdoor gatherings, all together with family and friends to celebrate with holiday cheer. With the nature of the festivities […]

How to Maintain Fire Safety During the Holidays: Part I

Holiday Fire Safety Tips: Part 1 The Fall and Winter holidays are a festive time of year. The weather has cooled, if only slightly, and the season of celebration begins. It’s a time of year to bring out the decorations, indoor and outdoor and invite friends and family over to celebrate with holiday cheer.  With […]

Your Complete Guide to Fire Safety

Top Tips for fire safety:  An ounce of prevention they say… and it is true. While that is in reference to heath, prevention of any sort is worth its weight in gold when it comes to protecting yourself, your family, your home and / or your business. There is no exception to this rule in […]