Everything You Need to Know About Water Damage Restoration and Its Timing

Timing is everything with water damage restoration


As a homeowner there are many images or scenarios that create an absolute dream setting. The portrait of the perfect summer day with family and friends around the pool, the idyllic holiday gathering bursting with laughter and levity, or even a simple Wednesday night family dinner all around the table. These are reasons to love your home in dreams, as well as reality. Unfortunately, there are scenarios that nightmares are made of as well and water restoration is one of them. While some like fire or catastrophic weather may never plague your home, indoor flooding may and it’s more common than you think. 

The sound of running water when the showers or appliances are on is a common mainstay.  The sounds of gushing water especially when it’s not supposed to be is an absolute nightmare. There is a problem, and you know it but you just don’t know where it is coming from…yet. 

If this nightmare happens in your home, you are not alone. While that thought will serve little purpose in comforting you, it is helpful to know that this common occurrence happens frequently and can easily be remedied but it is imperative that flooding and water damage is handled immediately.  

Water restoration is a necessity, not an option. Well trained resources will make all of the difference in the swiftness and ease that you and your family are likely to experience. Ignored or untreated damage becomes exponential. In a home that has been flooded or experienced a water leak, severe health risks, extensive damage and excessive expense can easily occur without prompt attention.  From health effects to structural damage and fire hazard, a water leak is among the most serious issues for a homeowner. 

Due to the serious health risks of mold growth, water leakage is a significant problem that must be addressed and attended to at the earliest signs. Mold growth will produce spores and once they become airborne, the contamination has started. Specifically, once mold comes into contact with water, its growth multiplies substantially, creating a hidden network of health dangers. Stopping the production of mold, and subsequently its spores, are the front line defense of water restoration.

While we know that immediate action is essential, it can also be an overwhelming situation that is difficult to navigate at the time. Initial steps can be taken as a homeowner in the meantime until the pro’s arrive. Drying as much of the leak as possible is the start. Removing any water-soaked objects from the surface is crucial. The risks are far too great to leave up to chance. A highly trained restoration service is imperative and instantaneous action can save you from further risk and damage to your health and home. 

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