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Molds, while very dangerous, are very common in buildings and homes. Mold will grow in a high moisture environment especially around leaks in roofs, windows and specifically where there has been flooding and can grow just about anywhere including ducts, drywall, tiles and paint.  Unbeknownst to a homeowner, many building materials provide perfect nutrients that encourage mold to grow. Wet cellulose materials like paper and wood products create a perfect home and breeding ground for mold.  And something as seemingly minor as a drop leak in a windowsill, if left unattended, can create a mold infestation. So, the big question is how do you know if you have a mold infestation and what do you do to fix it

So, a basic fact of a mold infestation is that it can be seen and smelled. If your home has water stains, discoloration on support surfaces like walls, floors and ceilings, bubbling paint or wallpaper, then you are likely dealing with a mold problem. Mold will have a very musty and damp smell. Anywhere with old, standing water will create a similar odor. If you are experiencing an odor that you are not used to, this is the time to have it checked out. 


Exposure to damp or moldy environments can cause a variety of health dangers. While some individuals can be asymptomatic, a vast majority of people will have a reaction such as sneezing, itchy watery eyes and as extreme as asthma and there is sufficient evidence that takes these health conditions much further. So, now that you have a fairly good idea that you have a mold problem, what do you do? 

Timing is crucial with mold. Immediate action is needed. The faster you act, the faster your mold infestation will be fixed. The CDC recommends that an individual not touch, collect or test mold samples found in their home. A qualified, trained professional water restoration service provider is required for your health and safety.  Action within 24-48 hours is crucial and hiring qualified, expertly trained technicians is the prime course of action. 

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