How to Avoid Disaster During the Holidays: Indoor

Preparation tips for seasonal success


The holidays are a very busy time of year. Festivities and entertainment seem to take the lead, many of which occur in our own homes. Regardless of family size, home capacity or seasonal obligations this time of year brings a substantial increase for most people in duties and obligations, commitments and invitations, all of which take time and attention. 

As the season is ramping up and parties, gatherings and celebrations are approaching, the influx of usage in your home may skyrocket. So what happens if right in the middle of Christmas dinner something goes wrong? What on earth do you do? Here are a few things to consider and a few items to be “pre-party proactive” and possibly hedge your bet in the “holiday disaster preparation skill set“.

As often as possible it pays to do a little pre-check on your home especially if your home has the tendency to be the hub during the holidays. Increased usage of any kind will tax your home on all fronts. Plumbing, heating and drainage could be your greatest liability if not properly prepared. All of which are a foundational concern year round but especially in the winter months that usually see a drop in weather temperatures, creating a substantial stress on the home.  

  • Tip #1: Always know who to call if an emergency happens. In the unfortunate occasion that disaster happens mid-gathering, knowing who to call immediately is going to be your greatest resource. 
  • Tip #2 : Usage preparation of all types can use a little proactive tasking.
    • Clean out your fireplace and remove any old wood or debris which creates increased fire danger in the home. 
    • Have your water heater serviced regularly, checking for efficiency. 
    • Keep an eye on plumbing components, specifically faucets and toilets that can easily flood with over use if not in good working condition.
    • Be aware of overloaded electrical components like wall plugs with extension cords. A simple short circuit can easily create a fire danger in a cluttered space.

At the very least, any foundational projects that you have been putting off, get them completed prior to this time of year. Everyone, and that means everyone, is very busy during the holidays and this includes all manner of businesses and repair services. A little preparation will undoubtedly save you time and stress during the holidays.  

However, should a problem occur even with proactive preparation, knowing who to call will be your saving grace as a homeowner. Always partner with a quality service provider so when you need them you know exactly who to call. 

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