How To Protect Your Home From Rainwater Damage

rainwater damage

Let’s be honest, in Southern California, no one thought that excessive rain would ever be a problem let alone our homes getting water and/or flood damage because of it. That kind of weather just doesn’t happen here. Fire season – yes, rainy season – no. Now here we are in the midst of another incoming rain storm (it’s called a Bomb Cyclone) and now we need to determine how we can protect our homes from possible damage due to excessive rain and the subsequent flooding of our properties. 

A powerful storm like we are experiencing can leave the residents massively un-prepared for the effects and can mean potential damage to your home. Below we have outlined some measures to protect and prepare for the coming storms:

  • First and foremost assess where water may be collecting and understand your risks of flooding in those areas. See where water puddles near doors and entrance points. From that point place sandbags around the perimeter of doors like sliders, front door (if applicable), garage doors and side entrance doors. 
  • Cover any vulnerable areas of your property. Windows, window wells and vents  that may experience some leaking, have items such as duct tape or plastic sheeting to cover those areas during the height of the storm. You want to think in terms of situational solutions. This is not a “forever” fixture, just an immediate solution to an immediate  problem.
  • A very reactionary point and it’s really only a reaction due to its nature- roof leaks. If you notice a leak after a heavy bout of rain it’s important to get that area covered with plastic sheeting until you are able to get a more long term solution after the storm passes. 
  • Pay very close attention to any overgrown trees in the close proximity of your property. If there are any hovering or weak branches, get them cut down. With heavy rain the weight of tree branches and saturated soil can cause huge problems with surrounding trees. 
  • Clear clogged gutters. Make sure this drainage system that is designed to transport water away from your home is not doing the opposite because it is clogged with leaves and debris that has collected. Water will flow where it can and that may mean right into your walls if it cannot travel down and away. 

Preparation is key. It’s crucial to do what you can when you can. It may not always produce a fail safe solution, but taking small steps to safeguard your property, might mean the difference between an easy fix and a large scale problem. 

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