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When a small leak isn’t such a small problem:

A small leak may seem insignificant, possibly barely getting noticed. A little pool of water here and there, sometimes on its own or sometimes near a doorway or even an appliance. A homeowner may see a small puddle and think it’s not really that big of an issue. And perhaps that homeowner is right. Perhaps that leak isn’t such a small leak at all but rather a symptom or sign of a much larger, costly issue that is hidden under the surface.  Then that small leak becomes a much bigger problem. 


A small water leak can easily be one of those issues that quickly becomes a much bigger and substantially cost driven issue that plagues homeowners. Small leaks are something that need to be tackled as soon as identified and certainly with more urgency than just cleaning it up. A water leak as small on the surface can be a sign of below the surface concerns such as burst pipes and if left unchecked can lead to massive structural damage and mold growth. If a leak is found within the foundation and the source is landscaping runoff, then you can easily have slab and foundational problems. A leak short of coming from a garden hose, is never an insignificant issue that should be left to chance. 

In addition to structural obstacles, a water leak can lead to serious health concerns if left unchecked. A simple undetected water leak within the home will almost immediately begin to support the growth of toxic mold and fungus within the walls and floor. These growth organisms produce spores, which rapidly become airborne and travel through the air right into your system. A process which can become very serious, very quickly. And while mold visually is unsightly, physically it can be far more dangerous and troubling. Ingested or inhaled mold spores can produce significant nasal and respiratory problems in even the healthiest of individuals resulting in congestion, sneezing and coughing on a constant and unrelenting basis. As for infants, elderly citizens and those with compromised immune systems, mold spores can be deadly. Enormous risks that can be avoided with immediate attention at the first sign. 

Many hidden or seemingly small issues to homeowners rarely if ever “just go away.” A reliable resource is the most valuable resource to every homeowner. Attention, detection and elimination are the most beneficial steps in any concern within your home. All homes have various complications and obstacles, no one and no home is ever exempt. The key is to be aware and address any potential problems and have it handled sooner rather than later. A homeowner is far better off spending the time to have something looked at only to find out it is a minor issue as opposed to letting it go and having it become a monumental headache. 

Small is sometimes just that; small. Many times however, small is anything but. “Still waters run deep”.  Something that hits home far too often for far too many homes. Never let it go, get it checked out if only for peace of mind. 

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