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Flood Clean Up Tips | Flood Damage | Flood Water Damage

In years past, very few of us have ever had to deal with flood waters, especially here in Southern California. However, other areas of the country and state, aren’t quite as fortunate. If you ever find yourself dealing with flood water damage, watching the below video will assist in providing some clean up tips. Then, […]

Water Damage | Flood Restoration | Water Restoration

This 12-step flood remediation checklist can help restore your home after flooding Water damage and flooding can be devastating for homeowners, and unfortunately, this issue has to be dealt with immediately to prevent mold. While you will likely need to hire a┬álocal water damage restoration professional, you can start flood restoration right away. This flood […]

Gray Water: Category 2 Water

What is gray water? Dealing with water damage is one of the most challenging emergencies a homeowner can experience. When flooding occurs, knowing how to respond within a timely manner is important to prevent further problems from developing. Since water damage can come from multiple sources, using specific procedures to minimize loss is essential. The […]