Ultimate Guide to Main Hazards Produced by Fire Damage


A fire can happen anywhere at any time. Constant attention to seemingly innocent causes is what makes the difference between a fire happening and not even though the potential causes are ever present. 

It’s no secret that fires cause significant damage to a structure that can have residual effects to the property and the people residing within and the after effects can be extremely dangerous, especially if not assessed and handled properly. The key is to know what the risk factors are and how to reduce that risk for all involved.

  • Waste products that are flammable: Many homes and commercial buildings have an excess of materials that have been put aside for disposal that are no longer of use. Unfortunately that build up becomes factor #1 if ignored and left to build up over time. Paper and cardboard matter can be prime combustion is allowed to build up over time. All manner of combustible materials should always be disposed of right away in order to avoid this substantial risk. 
  • Flammable liquids: Flammable liquids of all kinds ( lighter fluid, rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover) are commonly found in a home and can be highly combustible given exposure to any source of ignition. To minimize risk it’s imperative to keep all flammable liquids separated and stored well away from any potential fire hazard. 
  • Heat generating objects: Electrical equipment can overheat in an instant and the primary dangers come in combination with combustible materials being in close proximity. Regardless of size, a computer or an industrial size refrigerator, all mechanical components have the capability of overheating from overuse and producing a spark or a short which will ignite any materials in close range. The risk can be reduced by keeping a clear space and well ventilated area around all mechanical equipment free from any clutter or material build up. 

Finally and most commonly human error is the most common cause of fire risk all around. Often it is a rather innocent mistake that seems to go relatively unnoticed that can cause the greatest amount of damage. And it is nearly impossible to completely protect against human error of any kind. Awareness is key and standard maintenance and cleaning practices on a regular basis will be the greatest line of defense against a fire and the hazards associated with it. Above all else, having the right resource for assessment and damage restoration should the unthinkable happen will be the most valuable resource of all. 

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