Water Damage: Everything You Need to Know About First Steps

water damage

Water damage in your home can be an absolute nightmare. It is oftentimes found after the fact and the damage can be catastrophic. The signs may come hours, days or weeks after a leak has occurred and the resulting issues can impound substantially. As a homeowner at the very first signs of water damage, action must be taken immediately for your own health and safety and peace of mind.

As in many cases, action is reactive with water damage. A leak may not be seen for some time and this simply cannot be completely avoided. At the first signs of water damage you must contact the right resource for assessment and repair. Additionally here are a series of first steps at the first sign of water damage:

  • If possible, identify the source of the leak. This may or may not be easy but should be attempted in order to provide  information to a repair professional.
  • Contact your insurance company right away. A claim will be put into action and will help with the next steps for repair.
  • Call a remediation expert within 24-48 hours of discovery. 
  • Take photos of the damage and progression of the leak. This will serve as a useful tool in assessment and insurance claim processes. 
  • If applicable contact your HOA or Community Association. Certain bylaws may address structural leak issues. 

Water damage in your home can be a disaster both financially and emotionally. It can start your home into a long list of repairs that can last weeks, days or months. A headache for all involved and a situation that cannot always be avoided. Should you find yourself in this situation, rest assured that it doesn’t always mean a disaster response is to follow. As a homeowner it is crucial that you partner with a well trained, well qualified and above all else well trusted repair resource for just such an occasion. The worst feeling is not knowing who to call or what to do when a problem occurs. We cannot always prevent a problem but we can be prepared with who to call when it happens. 

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