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Is Water Restoration necessary?


In short order, yes. Water restoration is not only necessary, it’s an absolute necessity. Ignored or untreated, damage becomes exponential. In a home that has been flooded or experienced a water leak, severe health risks, extensive damage and excessive expense can easily occur without prompt attention.  From health effects to structural damage and fire hazard, a water leak is among the most serious issues for a homeowner. 

Due to the serious health risks of mold growth, water leakage is a significant problem that must be addressed and attended to at the earliest signs. Mold growth will produce spores and once they become airborne, the contamination has started. Specifically, once mold comes into contact with water, its growth multiplies substantially, creating a hidden network or health dangers. Stopping the production of mold and subsequently its spores, is the front-line defense of water restoration.

From a damage perspective and in particular porous materials, units such as doors, wood, drywall and insulation are especially susceptible to water damage. Because most porous materials change their volume with changes in moisture content, growth or shrinkage will become an immediate concern. Wood in particular is the danger zone. Water has long been identified as the enemy to and the primary culprit for the rapid deterioration of building materials. While a small water spill at minimum may show signs or staining, a large leak will result in wood planks buckling and cupping and thus destroying the planks themselves because no wax or sealant will make those planks anything more than moderately water resistant at best. 

Immediate action is essential. Drying as much of the leak as possible is the start. Removing any water soaked objects from the surface is important and the timing is key. The risks are far too great to leave up to chance. A highly trained water restoration service is crucial and instantaneous action can save you from further risk and damage to your health and home. 

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