What You Absolutely Need to Know about Fire Restoration

How long does the fire restoration process take?


Just as no two fires are alike, no two cleanup and restoration processes will be alike either. To put it simply, the extent of the repair will be directly tied to the extent of the damage and can span weeks or months in either scenario. Regardless of the time, the most crucial factor is having a well-skilled, well-trusted restoration resource to help you navigate such a devastating time because the better the restoration company, the faster the cleanup. 

As the restoration process will vary in time given the individual details of each situation, there will be basic and common guidelines to expect with every scenario. 

  • Assessment will occur first. This will be immediate and rapid as the safety concerns will be of greatest importance. Assessing the damage will be the key to knowing the extent of the work that needs to be completed. This can be one day or several. 
  • Cleanup and damage control will be next. This can be a time variable depending on the amount of damage that has occurred. This can be days or even weeks dependent upon the scope of work that is necessary for repair and rehabilitation. In most cases this may be the most lengthy timeline of the process. 
  • The primary factors that will determine the length of time at this stage will be extent of damage from the blaze, condition of the remaining structure and foundation, the presence of any water and smoke damage and lastly if there is any mold growth beginning.
  • Repair and rebuild is the final component. Again, dependent upon the scope of damage, the scope of repair is determined. Any restoration company that is worth its weight will truly take the repair to the deepest level ensuring that your home and your family are in the safest conditions possible. 

A house fire can easily be one of the most devastating occurrences for a family.  Having the right resources at hand will be priceless for peace of mind alone. Part of managing this overwhelming experience is having a trusted support system in place to help you understand the process and guidance in the scope of work and timeline required. Time is of the essence and a trusted restoration resource will provide the much needed peace of mind to a homeowner during this stressful time.  The tools to alleviate stress will be a homeowners greatest resource of all and Affordable Home Works aims to

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