What You Need To Know For When This Storm Passes


Fire season may seem like a far cry to California residents right now. As we are entering another phase of this insane rainy season (it’s called a Bomb Cyclone..) we don’t exactly imagine how this could affect us when we move into the drier seasons and the rain is a distant memory. Well, unfortunately as we all know one does affect the other. All of this rain will promote a massive increase in vegetation. When the dry weather comes , and it will, that vegetation and brush will become kindling for fire season and the more prepared we are the better the outcome for our homes.

As all Californians know, next to nothing will keep our homes and surroundings 100% fail safe during fire season. There are however many tips for preparation that we can do to protect our surroundings. Here we outline a few tasks to tackle sooner rather than later that will provide a measure of protection after the rain has gone:

  • Assessment is key. Know the risks to your home early and eliminate as much as possible. The perimeter of your home and the close proximity to the foundation should be clean and clear. Monitor any trees and vegetation growth that start to get overgrown. Primarily monitor close range trees for overgrowth and weak branches. Not only is this a danger during the storm but will increase its danger in the dry months when those branches are right up against or over your roof. 
  • Maintain a safe 10 foot perimeter around your home for any trees or vegetation. This alone will keep overgrowth at bay.  In both wet and dry conditions this perimeter is an all season safeguard. 
  • Outfit your home and surrounding property with fire-resistant features such as pavers, rocks and bricks instead of mulch and wood chips. This will prompt flow during wet weather and non-combustible materials during dry weather. 

Historically a wet winter has translated to a low risk fire season. Unfortunately this is no longer true. Now the two may go more hand in hand than ever, promoting an increase as opposed to a decrease. Steps of prevention are key. Knowing how to safeguard your home for future , and certainly guaranteed seasons, may make all of the difference in how your home safely rides out the coming weather. As always having the right resources at hand will mean increased peace of mind above all else.

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